Fire Marshall Training in Harrington

Fire Marshall Training in Harrington

If you are looking for fire marshall training in Harrington then BPW Fire Safety LTD can help, BPW Fire Safety LTD has operated now for almost over 10 years. The business is now owned and run by Callum Graham who served with Cumbria fire and rescue services for 27 years of exemplary service.

Callum worked within a number of departments and areas during his employment and spent the majority of his managerial years with the fire safety department at Kendal. His initial fire safety role was working for the local education authority ensuring that the fire safety standards within Cumbria's schools were to a satisfactory standard. He then progressed to the wider enforcement/advisory role of Station Officer Fire Prevention covering the majority of South Lakeland.

Prior to leaving the service he was promoted to group manager within the Kendal and Barrow Locality and was responsible for the discharge of all the fire authorities function across the district council areas of Barrow Borough, South Lakeland Copeland.

Callum holds a General Certification from the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, it is a Qualified A1 assessor and is a graduate of the Insitute of Fire Engineers and has completed the fire safety courses A-D at the Fire Service College, Moreton Marsh, Glouster.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (referred to later as the Order) came into force on October 1st 2006. It has replaced most of the previous legislation containing sections relating to fire safety including the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the requirement for certain premises to hold a fire certificate. The Order requires a radically different approach to fire safety management, including the requirement to nominate a named person to be the "responsible person".

The Order applies in England and Wales. It covers general fire precautions and other fire safety duties which are needed to protect ‘relevant persons’ in case of fire in and around most ‘premises’. The Order requires fire precautions to be put in place ‘where necessary’ and to the extent that it is reasonable and practicable in the circumstances of the case.

You must appoint one or more competent persons, depending on the size and use of your premises, to carry out any of the preventive and protective measures required by the Order (you can nominate yourself for this purpose). A competent person is someone with enough training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to be able to implement these measures properly.

You must provide your employees with clear and relevant information on the risks to them identified by the fire risk assessment, about the measures you have taken to prevent fires, and how these measures will protect them if a fire breaks out.
You must consult your employees (or their elected representatives) about nominating people to carry out particular roles in connection with fire safety and about proposals for improving the fire precautions.

You must, before you employ a child, provide a parent with clear and relevant information on the risks to that child identified by the risk assessment, the measures you have put in place to prevent/protect them from fire and inform any other responsible person of any risks to that child arising from their undertaking.

You must inform non-employees, such as temporary or contract workers, of the relevant risks to them, and provide them with information about who are the nominated competent persons, and about the fire safety procedures for the premises.

You must co-operate and co-ordinate with other responsible persons who also have premises in the building, inform them of any significant risks you find and how you will seek to reduce/control those risks which might affect the safety of their employees.

You must provide the employer of any person from an outside organisation who is working in your premises (e.g. an agency providing temporary staff) with clear and relevant information on the risks to those employees and the preventive and protective measures taken. You must also provide those employees with appropriate instructions and relevant information about the risks to them.

If you are not the employer but have any control of premises which contain more than one workplace, you are also responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the Order are complied with in those parts over which you have control.

You must consider the presence of any dangerous substances and the risk this presents to relevant persons from fire.

You must establish a suitable means of contacting the emergency services and provide them with any relevant information about dangerous substances.

If you need more information about fire safety or fire marshall training in Harrington then contact BPW Fire Safety LTD, we are fully qualified with years of experience to provide fire risk assessments, training and establish protocols for your business to make sure you and your business are prepared.