Fire Safety Training

The actions of staff if there is a fire are likely to be crucial to their safety and that of others in your premises. To comply with the Fire Safety Order all staff should receive basic fire safety induction training and attend refresher training sessions at pre-determined intervals.

Fire safety training courses can be tailored to meet the requirements of your business in terms of timing, numbers and location.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Training provided by us will take account of the findings of your fire risk assessment, explain your emergency procedures, be easily understood by all those attending and include the following areas:-

  • what to do on discovering a fire;
  • how to raise the alarm and what happens then;
  • what to do on hearing the alarm;
  • the procedures for alerting members of the public and visitors including, where appropriate, directing them to exits;
  • the arrangements for calling the Fire & Rescue Service;
  • the evacuation procedures for everyone (including the public and contractors) in your premises to reach an assembly point at a place of total safety;
  • the location and when appropriate, the use of fire fighting equipment;
  • the location of escape routes, especially those not in regular use;
  • how to open all emergency exit doors;
  • the importance of keeping fire doors closed to prevent the spread of fire, heat and smoke;
  • where appropriate, how to stop machines and processes and isolate power supplies in the event of a fire;
  • the reason for not using lifts ( except those specifically installed or nominated, following a suitable fire risk assessment);
  • the safe use of and risks from storing or working with highly flammable and explosive substances;
  • the importance of general fire safety, which includes good housekeeping.
We also provide additional fire safety training courses for staff identified in your emergency plan that have a supervisory role if there is a fire ( e.g. Fire Marshals or Wardens) including where appropriate: -
  • detailed knowledge of the fire safety strategy of your premises;
  • awareness of human behaviour in fires;
  • how to encourage others to use the most appropriate escape route;
  • how to search safely and recognize areas that are unsafe to enter;
  • the difficulties that some people, particularly if disabled, may have in escaping and any special evacuation arrangements that have been pre-planned;
  • additional training in the use of firefighting equipment;
  • an understanding of the purpose of any fixed fire fighting equipment such as sprinklers;
  • live fire extinguisher training;
  • reporting of faults, incidents and near misses.

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