Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers and non-domestic premises owners are required by law to ensure any of their staff or visitors who are vulnerable or disabled can be seamlessly evacuated to a place of safety should a fire or other emergency ensue.

The Order requires the preparation of a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). Each vulnerable or disabled person must have their own personal plan.

The plan must include all the information needed to ensure they and the people helping them are able to swiftly exit a building or manage their escape to a place of safety. The plan must also provide managers and other people adequate information to ensure the correct levels of assistance are readily available at all times.

Employers and premises owners should be aware that responsibility for planning for and managing the evacuation of people in an emergency lies with them rather than the Fire and Rescue Service.

How BPW Fire Safety can help

Our qualified fire safety experts have long term, in-depth experience in assisting in the preparing and reviewing Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for vulnerable, pregnant and disabled persons. We have consulted on and prepared PEEPs for a wide variety of businesses and premises types, from small offices through to extensive, multi-storey buildings.

As with all BPW fire safety reports, our PEEPs are user friendly and easy to follow. This is important because everyone involved must be able to understand the advice so it can be applied in an emergency situation. Our PEEPs are also fully tailored to the specific needs of the person for whom they are prepared.

Need professional help compiling a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

For a tailored quote at competitive rates, contact BPW Fire Safety today.

Testimonial from Mark Harrop

of Hartland House

Callum has been visiting Hartland House for the past seven years in the role of our fire safety adviser.

With Callum's on board we are confident that Hartland House is compliant with the fire legislation and are reassured that the support and help is always available when we need it.

BPW carry out our training, fire risk assessment reviews and I am certain that Hartland House wouldn't be what it is today without Callum's input.

As the Registered Manager of Hartland House, having Callum's input is crucial and helps me feel more confident knowing my care home and residents are safe, when I leave for the day,  which gives me peace of mind knowing I'm meeting my legal obligations as well through having Callum involved.
Thanks BPW Fire Safety Ltd.


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